Q: Who are you? 

Mind the Page is run by Wendy, aka whatthelog.

Q: What’s the point of this blog? 

Go here!

Q: I want to submit a post. How do I do that? 

Email us via the contact page with a brief summary of the post that you want to write, and why you are the best person to write it!

Q: Why do you only have reviews by own voices reviewers? 

This is because every mental health condition is different – and only those with that mental illness will be able to say whether a book has represented it accurately and respectfully.

Q: I wrote/represent a book that includes mental health representation. Will you review it? 

Email us and we can figure it out! We are trying to ensure that the reviews posted are all by own voices reviewers – e.g. by people who have lived experience of that particular mental health condition. That means that if we can’t find someone with that particular mental illness, we won’t be able to review it. (However, we could maybe do an author interview, or a discussion! Just email.)

Q: Why haven’t you reviewed [this book] yet? 

Because we haven’t got around to it/haven’t had someone offer to review it!

Q: What do I do if I think you’re recommending a book with harmful representation?

Everyone’s experiences of mental health are very different, therefore it is natural for people to have varying thoughts about its representation in books. Please email us if you think that we have recommended a book that is harmful. We can add your thoughts to the existing review, or you can write your own review to be posted here that explains your opinion.

Any other questions? Email us at mindthepage@gmail.com.