should we take more care when titling books?

Hello, lovelies! Apologies for not posting much recently - I was very busy moving house! But I am now back, and ready to talk more about mental health and books. I recently joined my local library, and naturally I started looking at books about mental health, and in particular, borderline personality disorder. And...I was a … Continue reading should we take more care when titling books?

mental health awareness week 2019: reading recommendations

Welcome to Mental Health Awareness Week 2019! This is a week where people are: ...bringing more attention to mental health problems so that people can better understand mental health issues in themselves and others. Since 2001, Mental Health Awareness Week has focused on a different theme each year. This year's theme is body positivity. I personally … Continue reading mental health awareness week 2019: reading recommendations

What’s So Funny About Bipolar Disorder?

Author: Janet Coburn I admit that humor and bipolar disorder are not a combination that one instantly thinks of. And I admit that when I slide into depression, my sense of humor is the first thing that goes missing. But the rest of the time, humor leaks into my writing – even my writing about … Continue reading What’s So Funny About Bipolar Disorder?

Covers of mental health novels

Author: Wendy Tuxworth We're not supposed to judge a book by its cover - but everyone totally does. And I think nowadays, when people can spend their money on all sorts of entertainment, book covers are vital for drawing people in. Beautiful covers can be displayed as art, as well as being Instagram-friendly. So, keeping … Continue reading Covers of mental health novels

What’s in a name?

Author: Wendy Tuxworth This is a topic that I have been thinking about a lot - that is, the titles of books, particularly the titles of books about mental health. I've worked in publishing a little bit, so I know that titles of books can change. What the author of the book originally titled it … Continue reading What’s in a name?