should we take more care when titling books?

Hello, lovelies! Apologies for not posting much recently - I was very busy moving house! But I am now back, and ready to talk more about mental health and books. I recently joined my local library, and naturally I started looking at books about mental health, and in particular, borderline personality disorder. And...I was a … Continue reading should we take more care when titling books?

Interview with author Graham Morgan

Author: Wendy Tuxworth Today I am very pleased to be interviewing author Graham Morgan about his memoir 'Start', the publishing process, and being under a compulsory community treatment order. Trigger warnings: death, mentions of depression, anxiety and alcohol abuse,  In 2018 you published your memoir, 'Start'. Could you please give a brief synopsis of what … Continue reading Interview with author Graham Morgan

Walk A Mile review

Author: Wendy Tuxworth Walk A Mile by Chris Young is a memoir about his struggles with BPD and how he set up the charity Walk A Mile with See Me Scotland. As a kind, chatty, and good-humoured man with a zest for life and a passion for helping people, Chris Young adored his job as a social worker. … Continue reading Walk A Mile review

What’s in a name?

Author: Wendy Tuxworth This is a topic that I have been thinking about a lot - that is, the titles of books, particularly the titles of books about mental health. I've worked in publishing a little bit, so I know that titles of books can change. What the author of the book originally titled it … Continue reading What’s in a name?

5 graphic novels about mental health

Author: Wendy Tuxworth I love graphic novels a lot, and I've been trying to read more of them in 2019. I also think that graphic novels are a great way to talk about mental health. It is such a complicated topic that I think the marriage of two mediums really helps portray what the characters … Continue reading 5 graphic novels about mental health

Review: Jog On

Author: Wendy Tuxworth Jog On by Bella Mackie is a non-fiction book about mental health (specifically anxiety and depression) and how running can help. I received an advance reader copy of the book via the publisher on Netgalley. This has not affected my opinion in any way. Divorced and struggling with deep-rooted mental health problems, … Continue reading Review: Jog On

5 2019 mental health releases: part 1

Author: Wendy Tuxworth There are a lot of mental health books being released in 2019, so we thought that we would highlight 5 nonfiction books that are coming out this year. 1. Jog On by Bella Mackie, released December 27th 2018 (close enough to 2019, okay?!) Divorced and struggling with deep-rooted mental health problems, Bella Mackie … Continue reading 5 2019 mental health releases: part 1

Review: Girl In Need of a Tourniquet

Author: Wendy Tuxworth Girl in Need of a Tourniquet by Merri Lisa Johnson is a memoir about her experiences as a queer woman with Borderline Personality Disorder. An honest and compelling memoir, Girl in Need of a Tourniquet is Merri Lisa Johnson s account of her borderline personality disorder and how it has affected her life and relationships. Johnson … Continue reading Review: Girl In Need of a Tourniquet